Arduino Robot Car Set Intelligent Turtle Type learning suite With Battery Charger


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note: does not come with li ion batteries but only its charger because batteries are not allowed on shippings


great for students to learn programming and arduino

can build obstacle avoidance, bluetooth controlled rc car, android app controlled car, line following..

the turtle chassis design allows the robot to turn 360 degrees perfectly without lateral movements

comes with
1. arduino
2. arduino sensor shield
3. connectors
4. sg90 servo motors
5. ultrasonic sensor
6. servo chassis and ultrasonic holder
7. battery chassis
8. battery charger
9. 3 bi direction ir sensors for line following
10. hc05 bluetooth module
11. chassis, cable covers, nuts and bolts
12. wheels and a free wheel
13. dc motors and motor driver modules

note: the motors and wheels are already installed on the bottom chassis for easier build of the frame


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