Arduino Smart Home Kit with Bluetooth, Sensor Modules, Relay, Servo and DC Motors, LCD ETC


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Smart Home Kit great for Starters. Includes the Home Chassis and a lot of sensors and actuators including bluetooth module to emulate creation/program of a smart home system.

1. Arduino uno r3 with data cable
2. Home acrylic sets to be assembled as actual house included screws
3. M – m, m-f and f-f dupont wires
4. 6 slots AA battery holder for 9v supply
5. Arduino uno sensor shield v4 (easier prototyping and wiring)
6. Water level sensor module
7. Soil sensor module
8. 1 ch 5v relay module
9. 2 pcs sg90 servo motor
10.1 mq2 smoke sensor module
11. Pir motion sensoc sr501 module
12. Light intensity sensor module
13. Passive buzzer module
14. Screw driver
15. 2 pcs led light module (led with resistor in a module for easy interface)
16. Bluetooth module (bluetooth 4.0)
17. 2 pcs button switch module
18. Lcd 16×2 with i2c
19. Dc fan motor in rocket shape
20. Cd installer
21. Plastic case for the whole kit (orange)


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